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GOM Media Player

GOM Player, which is located on the hard disk of the computer users all video and audio files that have been developed in order to easily play is a free media player. Available on the market that supports all popular audio and video file extension and that plays seamlessly GOM Player, built-in codec engine with the users to download an extra codec pack is not required.
After the installation process is quite easy, as the default media player whether they want to use GOM Player GOM Player will prompt users and also help you choose the files you want to play you are presented with the chance. Completed shortly after the installation process when you first run the program, to counter the media in order to improve your performance prepared to set a one-time configuration settings required.
Program for the first time using it, even if you have a user-friendly and intuitive interface, thanks I can tell you no difficulty. If you already use a media player before, GOM Player will quickly get used to the interface too.
GOM Player’s user interface by clicking the right mouse click on the help menu of the program you will have direct access to many functions and functions. Moreover, the media player control buttons located at the bottom of the help you can easily manage your audio and video files. All of them offered to users outside the GOM Player is a nice feature is support for themes. In this way, you can customize the way you want your media player and GOM Player can use most by selecting your favorite theme.
No freezing during my tests, I encounter a problem such as installing or crash GOM Player, playing in all media formats and seamlessly during playback absolutely without affecting the overall performance of the computer is running. AVI, MPEG, DAT, WMV, ASF, ASX to MP4, MKV media formats, such as all of the programs that support and much more, plus also has an advanced subtitle support.
SMI, SRT, RT, SUB subtitle formats and many more programs running smoothly, subtitles, it allows you to customize the way you want. So any of the videos and subtitles if you have a synchronous shift, even if it can be resolved in a simple way with GOM Player.
Your own playlists can prepare the subtitle as you want can customize equalizer settings, you can do video settings you can customize, and much more you can have a free and powerful media player If you need GOM Player you must try.



GOM Media Player

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