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Whatsapp Web

Worldwide, the hugely popular messaging app WhatsApp Messenger can also be used on web browsers as well as mobile platforms. WhatsApp Messenger is compatible with Google Chrome For the moment the Web, send messages to your friends and allows you to read messages from them. The notification feature through one to one and group messaging mAlArIndA you are notified instantly when a new message arrives. If you wish you can take off the desktop notifications.

Are you doing your first introduction to https://web.whatsapp.com/ address in order to use WhatsApp web browser. Then WhatsApp Android, Windows Phone and your BlackBerry device (iOS is not currently supported.) Opens and you can choose from the drop down menu WhatsApp Web. You okutuy in the application code that appears in the browser as last step. (Do not use an external barcode reader.), You are automatically logged into the web browser after WhatsApp through the QR code scanning.

Note: The Web version of WhatsApp can only be used in Google Chrome.
Note 2: If you are an iOS users do not benefit from this service at the moment.
Note 3: WhatsApp latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile device must be installed in order to use the Web.



Whatsapp Web

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