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Periscope social media giant video sharing application that allows users offered by Twitter and every user to make his own live broadcast.

Periscope is a live application with the Android version of your special moments with your friends and the whole world that can be downloaded for free on your smartphone and tablet using the Android operating system, giving the opportunity to share the images you want. Your followers can follow your posts can be found via Periscope and interact with you participating in your publication. Reviewed broadcast users can participate in the live broadcast and Periscope can share with you their appreciation by sending hearts.

Periscope allows users question – answer format publications are also able to make. You can appear in a stream from the comments by other users when making your live broadcast.

Periscope on which users are allowed to determine whether or not able to follow your posts. In this way, it is possible you can make special publications. Live broadcasts can be stored in advance in order to monitor again made within 24 hours. At any time you can delete posts that recorded for playback later.

Periscope users can share their publications via Twitter. Click this link shared by followers can follow your publication Periscope Periscope via internet browser or application.

moment when you want to Periscope generally handled defined to share the image you want where you want it as a publishing tool that makes it possible.




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