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Free Voice and Video Calling building with all the world

Skype for free with Skype users anywhere in the world you make voice and video calls, or a program that allows you to chat instantly. Skype also with internet connection and a Skype account to make calls to people who are not in accordance with fixed and mobile phone tariffs or the same conditions also lets you send SMS. Skype program supports many smart TV platform up to the tablet computer increases the number of active users every day.

No matter where in the world, everyone’s talking on Skype for free!

Telephones and mobile phones
All world of mobile phones and landlines, Skype Credit or a subscription at very reasonable prices with the cheap calls to more structure.

Conference call
Whether from mobile phones or from the office, bring your business contacts and your colleagues together in a single call.

Skype To Go number
Your mobile phone without having to log on to Skype or make low cost international calls from your landline.




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